Blue POLICE Glow in the Dark Reflective Badge

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These velcro backed reflective badges have the added bonus of being glow in the dark!

Standard reflective badges increase visibilty when a light hits them.

These badges have photoluminescent properies so you can still be seen and clearly identified even if there is no light souce available.

The badges will charge up during the day when they are exposed to light, so when the lights go out the badges will glow (similar to fire extinguisher signs).

These badges mean that even the dark you can be clearly identified, but your personal safety is improved because you are much more visible.

Thiese badges can be attached by velcro onto a garment.

Silver text on a blue background, marine capacity and photolumincescent borders.

Large: 240 x 75mm.

Please note this item will only be despatched once an email has been received with Name, Collar number, Station and Force, this is so checks can be made to confirm the identity of the buyer.