Disposable Thermometer Pack of 4

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The 3M™ Tempa•DOT™ Single-use Clinical Thermometer is an individually wrapped latex-free, sterile and disposable thermometer designed to reduce the risk of cross and re-infection associated with reusable devices. It offers a thermometry system that's accurate, convenient and economical for routine clinical temperature monitoring.

The Tempa•DOT thermometer can measure oral or auxiliary body temperature in Celsius range of 35.5°C to 40.4°C. Each dot contains a different, precise mixture that melts at a specific temperature, changing from red/brown to blue with the last blue dot indicating the patient’s temperature.

For example, the temperature recorded below reads 37.0°C


Do not expose to temperatures greater than 35°C. Store in a cool area less than 30°C.

Unlike other single-use thermometers, the Tempa•DOT thermometer reading is locked in 10 seconds after removal and remains locked when kept at room temperature. Tempa•DOT thermometers have a two-year shelf life.