FATIVAN Fold Up Door Chock Wedge

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Fat Ivan Fold up Door Chock


  • Corrosion resistant, engineered plastic and zinc plated steel
  • Compact (4 x 2 x 1 inches) and lightweight (only 5oz)
  • Folds up when not in use, opens quickly for easy insertion
  • Safe, secure design never slips off hinges or comes out accidentally
  • One handed operation
  • Also great for High Rise Emergency Packs
  • Will not tear your gear

The Fat Ivan allows you to chock open any door with a hinge with minimal effort, no bending or stretching required unlike other door tools. Just put a Fat Ivan in the hinge, top, middle or bottom, it doesn't matter because Fat Ivan will work on any of them.

Fat Ivan was created out of necessity, originally for fire fighters. Fire fighters were tired of carrying wedges that rarely worked or having bulky pieces of welded angled iron hanging out of their pockets. Now they don't have to worry about doors closing behind them or their hose lines being pinched under doors thanks to Fat Ivan. 

Although originally designed for fire fighters, Fat Ivan also has useful applications in Spec Ops and Method Of Entry.