Professional Medical Leather Horizontal Scissor & Torch Belt Pouch

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100% UK MADE and Quality

Professional Horizontal Leather Scissor & Torch pouch that attaches to your belt. 

Will hold large tough cut scissors/shears (7.5") & AA Mini Maglite torch or medical pen torch.

This leather scissor pouch has been recently redesigned in 100% better quality leather and yet it is more flexible and less rigid than before making it more comfortable to wear on your duty belt. And there's no more poppers on the rear which will pop off unexpectedly or come apart completely from the pouch, as they are now fasted with fixed studs! 

We've listened to your feedback and these pouches have been completely re-designed with you in mind making it the best quality and practicality for your emergency role

PLEASE NOTE: Torch and Scissors not included.