Swivel Handcuff Key & Klick Fast Curly Cord Safety Lanyard + Belt Clip

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This set is for one handcuff key in either pink or black and one Peter Jones curly cord lanyard with belt clip.
Curly Cord Lanyard:
Professional quality and great value safety lanyard with belt clip.
A perfect way of keeping your kit secure and attached to you. The coiled flexi lanyard allows you to keep keys and other equipment safe while still being easily accessible with no worries if you drop your keys as they'll still be safely retained on the lanyard.
Comes with split ring and spring clip at one end and a robust 50mm belt clip and split ring at the other.
Ideal for standard keys, handcuff keys and any equipment you need to keep safe and easily accessible.
Handcuff Key:
This is a compact key with swivel enabling you to lock/unlock cuffs with a spin of the thumb and forefinger.

Textures grip for better handling

Approx 3.75" long.

Designed to fit most common brands of handcuffs.

The Pink handcuff key is made from dyed aluminium not just a pink coating so the colour will never chip off or fade with time

The black handcuff key is made from heat treated stainless steel and is designed to provide an indefinite period of service.