Tactical Lithium Lite Dock (Torch)

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The Lithium LiteDock means you can utilise the power and range of a lithium flashlight without using your hands!

The Lithium LiteDock allows you to attach a lithium torch to any uniform using the standard docking system.

Easy to use, the Lithium LiteDock can provide a multi-directional, hands free light source.

Suitable for most torches with a barrel diameter of 22mm - 29mm.

How To Use: 1. Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the screw from the captive nut

2. Use the correct size rubber bushing to ensure a tight fit and insert the flashlight.

3. Replace the screw into the captive nut and tighten to firmly grip the flashlight. Do not over tighten.

4. Check the two back plate screws are secure.

5. Attach to your uniform dock.

This LiteDock is also compatible with Klick-Fast and Clip-On Docks.