TatJacket Tattoo Cover Up Sleeve Jacket (8inch Tan)

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Machine washable and requires no other attention.

Easy temporary concealment of your visible tattoos.

Perfect on occasions where visible tattoos are unacceptable.

Cool lightweight flexible and breathable.

Protects your tattooing from discoloration due to sunlight.

Shields your arms from harmful UV sunlight.

Pack of 2 sleeves.


TatJacket was created by a veteran police officer in America to help his fellow officers get out of their long sleeve uniform shirts during the hot Southern California summers. The product was an instant hit with the Officers and the Department Administrators.


TatJacket is much cooler and more comfortable than wearing a long sleeve shirt to cover your ink. You can also pull TatJacket off during a break. You cant do that with a long sleeve shirt.


TatJacket is also helpful in protecting your ink from fading or discoloration caused by exposure to the sun. Even those without tattoos can use TatJacket to protect their skin from harmful UV sunlight when working outdoors.