Thin Blue Line Police Union Jack Gloss Sticker

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Show your allegiance to the “Thin Blue Line” (whether you’re in the Emergency Services or not!) with these classic stickers for use on laptops, tablets, desks, clipboards, doors, windows or anywhere else suitable you can think of with a clean non porous surface!

Approx 10cm x 5cm

These are extremely easy to apply, they will arrive on backing paper, simply peel off the sticker from the backing, then place onto a clean and dry surface and rub over the whole sticker firmly to ensure it sticks all the way around. To avoid air bubbles apply starting with one corner at a 45 degree angle and slowly smooth over ideally with something like a credit card to ensure a perfect look.

The adhesive sticks to most items and has a strong adhesion, due to it's tear resistant nature it can be peeled off with ease without leaving residue behind like paper stickers will.

These stickers are made from polypropylene which means they are tear resistant, waterproof, UV resistant making them perfect for months of outdoor use if required.

As it's acrylic based when applied the adhesive isn't sensitive to humidity and features strong resistance to light, heat, and aging.