Thin Triple Blue Red Green Line Emergency Service Union Jack Velcro Backed Patch

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Show your allegiance to the “Emergency Services” (whether you’re in the Emergency Services or not!) with these classic Velcro-backed patches for wearing on tac-vests, jackets, kit bags – anywhere you can think of! 

These badges are worn by the emergency services around the world to signify their part in the “Thin Line“. It is generally agreed that the badges represent good and evil in the world – with the only thing standing between them is the “Thin Line” of the emergency services. 

Small Badge: 70mm x 38mm.

Large Badge: 75mm x 50mm.

Patch is backed with both types of Velcro (the soft loop and the rough hook) so if you don't already have Velcro on your item of choice it's all ready to go for you!